An Untold Tale of Emotions

In most cases, the pictures are the proof of photography matters, and even more than ever. The power of perspective is beyond the consideration of photographers' subjects and emotions. One of "Top Ten Photographers of the World" in the 2017 "Sente•Antu Cup" International Photo Contest, Niraj Gera, captured a series of photo named "An Untold Tale of Emotions" with unusual emotions and stories, surprising many viewers.

"Many a times, some emotions go unheard despite the fact that we are all very much related with the capacity of not just understanding but also relating with them, at one level or the other." Photographer Niraj Gera states, "these photographs attempts to stir that string of relation with people like you and me, exploring their stories with different perspectives."

An Attire of faith

This is a photograph of an aghori who are basically the worshiper of Lord Shiva - The Destroyer. They are people who live in close association with nature, are smeared in ashes of cremated body and also eat the flesh of the dead.

▲ A Bruised Life

The photo captured the face of an injured rag picker who is a victim of the suffering of life. His misery is an everyday reality which he has to undergo for survival. He is so bound up that the only escape he can imagine is the mercy of the giver.

Lost Hopes

This powerful photograph captures the feeling of emptiness expressed through the eye of an acid attack survivor. It represents the lost hope in her own self and in everything around her.

Missing the Springtime of Life

This picture represents the sad reality of children, specially girls of South East Asia.

▲ Bond of Memories

This is the picture of siblings sharing a personal moment. Joyfully reminiscing about their youthful days in a very light hearted conversation.

▲ Through the veil of traditions

The photograph shows a Rajasthani married woman who is following her culture of observing a veil in front of elders, especially males (including her husband) and strangers.

▲ Wrinkled reality

Wrinkled hands of an old lady depicts ageing which is the inevitable truth of life. Life will always have its flaws in the guise of hardships.

▲ Tears of Nostalgia

This photograph of an acid attack survivor depicts a moment where the survivor nostalgically looks at an old picture of her and wishes to rewind time. There are also survivors who don't even have a picture to share how they used to look prior to the attack.

▲ The circle of Love

We all know about the circle of Karma, but nothing can defeat this circle. These acid attack survivors live like a family. They have fun, the also fight, just like any of us. But what binds them strong is their love and understanding for each other.

(All photos copyrighted Niraj Gera)

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