Interview of '2017 Sente·Cup' Awareded Photographer Nataliya Andrianova

In the 2017 "Sente•Antu Cup" International Photo Contest, Russian photographer Nataliya Andrianova was awareded the "Top Ten Photographers of the World" with her black and white photo series "Planetarians". It is not only a landscape photography, but also a project presenting relations between mountains and people, as well as about the ways they choose, the ways to their heights and their own space, which is inside them. Here we share some opinions from Nataliya talking about this series and photographing spirit.

On The Border © Nataliya Andrianova

Global Photography: Can you give us a brief introduction of who you are as a photographer?

Nataliya Andrianova: I cannot be certain that I'm a professional or amateur. I didn't study photography, but I am really keen on it and I do it with genuine enthusiasm. Sometimes I participate in photographic competitions and exhibitions. Over the recent year I work in cooperation with one of the Berlin art galleries. And also I'm proud of to be the part of some social projects.

GP: What did you want to express with your work?

Nataliya: Firstly my series is about people, about the ways they choose and their own space, which is inside them. About a little man in a big world and his way to his heights. And I offer the viewers the opportunity to form their own impressions and to reflect themselves on this broad theme.

The Tenth Wave © Nataliya Andrianova

GP: Tell us about your approaches of shooting? How long does it take to complete this series?

Nataliya: I started creating my series in 2013. It has been updated during all these years until 2017. Every time I think that series is completed. But I end up in the mountains again and understand that I got a lot more stories to tell. So, I’m not sure that today I present the full version of the series.

Glacier © Nataliya Andrianova

GP: Do you have a favorite photo or a project having a great story behind?

Nataliya: I don't have the one, I have even more. The most of them apply to street photography.

GP: Do you believe you’ve found your style or signature?

Nataliya: I'd like to believe that.

GP: Do you have any new series idea? And what’s it about?

Nataliya: Yes, of course. But I do not like to talk about my plans until I realize them. I don't even like to tell, I prefer to show. My photos are my stories.

Orbit © Nataliya Andrianova

(All photos copyrighted Nataliya Andrianova)

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