Rohingya Exodus: Awarded Photographer Capturing Rohingya Refugees Crisis

"It's painful; walking for three consecutive day without food and water but its more heart wrenching when I think of my home, my belongings leaving behind."- Gulping a mug of water, an old Rohingya woman fled from Myanmar, was stating out her agony after reaching Lomba bill-Teknaf-Bangladesh. Tens of thousands of Rohingya people had and still have making their way to Bangladesh because of the brutal situation in Myanmar.

"Rohingya", the word itself is a taboo in Myanmar. The country leaders also do not use and some asked the international community not to use it. Buddhist leaders instead refer to Rohingya as "Bengali" — to root out as immigrants and foreigners from Bangladesh. They are not included among the 135 ethnic minorities officially recognized by the state.

Many reports on Rohingya persecution and marginalization begin with Myanmar's 1982 citizenship law, which stripped the country's 1 million Rohingya of citizenship, leaving them without access to health care or education. Waves of violence soon followed. According to the UNHCR more than 582,000 Rohingya refugees have fled from Myanmar violence since 25 August, most trying to cross the border and reach Bangladesh. International organizations have reported claims of human rights violations and summary executions allegedly carried out by the Myanmar army.

The Rohingya, a Muslim minority, do not qualify for Myanmar citizenship even though many have lived there for generations. The army insists they are interlopers from across the border in Bangladesh. But Rohingyas are saying they have lived there for generations after generations and they never ever were in Bangladesh. They surely are not the people from No Man's Land. Then who are they? What are their existences?

(All photos copyrighted K. M. Asad)


>> With this series "Rohingya Exodus", Bangladeshi photographer K. M. Asad was awared the "Top Ten Photographers of the World” in the 2017 "Sente•Antu Cup" International Photo Contest.

>> To explore more information about photographer K. M. Asad HERE.

>> Click two titles "Rohingya Exodus I" and "Rohingya Exodus II" to view all photos of this series.

>> Click HERE to check K. M. Asad's interview about this project.

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