The Incredible Journey: An Impressive Experience in Jaynagar Train

It is a journey from Jaynagar in India to Janakpur Dham, the birthplace of Sita, in Nepal. The ride is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Even angels may not dare embark on such a mission. Perhaps, Sita’s consort, Lord Ram, would think twice before hopping on to the train …...

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A train packed with human beings like a box of sardines and heading for some unknown destination? No. It is headed across the border to — Janakpur Dham — in Nepal from Jaynagar at north Bihar in India. According to the Hindu mythology the birthplace of Sita, the daughter of King Janak and the consort of Lord Ram, situated about 200 km south-east of Kathmandu the capital of Nepal.

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A diesel engine running across a narrow gauge track across a flat stretch of 29 kilometer. Plying three times daily, this 13-coach monster primarily carries migrant workers, garments, vegetables and other daily needs of Nepal.

Operated by Nepal Railway Corporation and earlier known as the Transport Corporation of Nepal-Janakpur Railway, it is the only rail link of Nepal and the journey takes hardly three hours. And, such is the demand that passengers can be seen everywhere, occupying every inch of visible space possible. Be it the window, the rooftop or the engine. There are human beings everywhere. Imagine what hell of a job the driver is doing.

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What a sight to behold. Apart from men and women jostling for space, there are women boldly jumping from the roof of one compartment to another Hollywood film style as if they have been trained to do so all their life.

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Truly, a journey into mythology.

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(All photos reserved Sudipto Das)

> Photo Story by Sudipto Das.

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