Solo Exhibition 'Oasis' Brings a Profound Thinking

What is Oasis? Let’s find out through this 60 international awarding photographer’s solo exhibition in Flushing Town Hall Gallery.

Oasis: Photo Exhibition by Jing "Joy" Hu

Location: New York Flushing Town Hall Gallery

Opening Reception: SAT, NOV 4, 2017, 2 PM

Gallery Dates: SAT, NOV 4 – SUN, NOV 12

Gallery Hours: SAT & SUN, 12-5 PM; weekdays by appointment

Summer Palace by Jing "Joy" Hu

About Photographer:

Jing "Joy" Hu is an international award-winning documentary and travel photographer. She has awards from 14 countries and photos exhibited in Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Middle East. She is a passionate traveler and volunteer who loves bringing out the stories of the marginalized humans with dignity and virgin natural beauty through her photographs.

What is your Oasis?

A watermelon flavored ice-cream in the hot summer heat? Your favorite line of poem sang by a jazz singer? Or a glimpse of the fleeting city night view when you're on the way home?

For Jing "Joy" Hu, Oasis exists in many different instances: it appeared when she saw how happy the Kenya underprivileged children were when they played their favorite games despite in the harsh environment of the slum and when their faces glowed with smiles when they held and kissed their favorite books.

The Sweet Smell of Knowledge by Jing "Joy" Hu

… when she survived the 8.0 magnitude Wenchuan Earthquake and watched the fellow survivors encourage each other to stay united and optimistic during the recovery and home rebuild process, and when she witnessed splendid views of clouds and landscape after a forest fire.

United by Jing "Joy" Hu

Fiery Night by Jing "Joy" Hu

There are many challenges in life, but Joy firmly believes if you have keen eyes, you will not lose yourself amidst challenges, rise beyond difficulties and discover your own oasis.

Through her pictures, Joy wants to share that Oasis is a state of mind - it tells us that we always have love and hope, amidst all illusions of fears.

Somewhere in Time by Jing "Joy" Hu

(All rights reserved Jing "Joy" Hu)

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