When a Photographer Obsessing with Traveling: Interview with Syed Mehdi Bukhari

It can say that diversity creates this world. And each diverse day inspires us to explore individual’s new world when waking up each morning; each place, on the other hand, attracts explorers to discover because of its own character, temper and ambiance. When an individual immersed in traveling, having a journey is like buying a croissant at the corner of the street; photographing during a trip is like making a cup of Americano with a little milk. It is part of life, without any purpose but only enjoyment.

Global Photography is hornored to talk with Syed Mehdi Bukhari, a travel-lover and experienced photographer from Pakistan, to reveal what his opinion on traveling and travel photography.


Deosai Plains.jpg

GP: From your stunning photos, it can be seen that you are fascinated with taking photos during the journey. Do you have target destination or just photographing where you come across?

Bukhari: No, I never target my goal or distance. Whatever appears in my traveling I try to shoot that moment in my own way.


GP: While you taking people photography, what are their reactions (since some people refuse to be photographed by others in some areas)? Would you leave or send finished photo to them?

Bukhari: Usually, I send photo to them on the spot. People appreciate a lot on this jester.


GP: And there must be special or impressive experience in your photographing process, could you share the most memorable one for us?

Bukhari: Nature always inspires me and I try my best to shoot landscapes with their local people. I wait a lot for the perfect moment. Sometimes it take many hours on the same spot in the search of light and moment.



GP: Is there any favorite category for you? Landscape? Portrait or Documentary? Could you talk about a bit of your opinion on those type of photography?

Bukhari: Yes , I love to shoot landscape and portraits. Sometimes documentary shots but my inner feels more attraction towards nature and landscapes.



GP: Any tips for beginners to help them find their photographic direction and special technical methods?

Bukhari: See more and learn more. If you follow some state of the art photographer’s work you will definitely seek light and composition in their picture. It’s a learning process. Now a days , post work is also equally important in digital era because the RAW is dull and have low contrast.

(All photos copyright Syed Mehdi Bukhari)

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