Nothing Is Impossible: Interview with Moroccan Photographer Achraf Baznani

Although being honored many awards for years, Global Photography has recognised Achraf Baznani after he served as the judge in the 4th Golden Orchid International Photography Award. But it’s never too late to know this talented creative photographer, like never too late to express his dreams at anytime for Achraf Baznani himself.

Global Photography is lucky enough to give an interview Achraf Baznani about his creative ideas on works, point of views on photography and photographic environment.

Cleaning the lens.jpg

Cleaning the Lens

GP: Can you give us a brief introductory of who you are as a photographer?

Achraf: My name is Achraf Baznani I was born in Marrakech – Morocco.

I started in photography since I was young, completely by chance, I got an EKTRA compact 250 for my birthday, which was intended to immortalize the good times. And finally, I was hooked. I then made several short films and documentaries, including “On”, “The Forgotten” and “Immigrant” for which I received several national and international awards, before once again opt for photography, but this time the strange and surreal photography. I won many international photography awards and I exhibited my artwork in USA, Germany, Portugal, France, Tunisia, Morocco, Ivory Coast and Morocco.

GP: What drew you toward the surreal style of imagery that you capture?

Achraf: I believe that there are many things that can influence a photographer. Personally, I am a big fan of Hungarian photographer Robert Capa, particularly his immortal piece The Falling Soldier. This shot is one of the most valuable images of war in the twentieth century. That’s exactly what made me experiment surreal and fantasy art and creating images that the human mind doesn’t believe. Surrealism takes us from the real world to a dreaming one. We can recreate and share our dreams or surrealist ideas in real life through photography.

With surrealism you can take a break from reality. I believe that with my photos I can have people think outside the box, and with normal things we find around us every day, I still manage to convey a special message. I do not want to be complicated, but just inspirational and distinctive. So I like to use normal, simple things we find around us every day. I use self portraiture to create characters that are a representation of s surreal, dreamy, ironic and passionate world I would love to live in.



GP: Do you have a favorite photo or a project having a great story behind?

Achraf: My first photomanipulation is titled Spider Baby, which is a strange depiction of a baby seemingly crawling along a wall, with his siblings on the floor trying to reach up to him. The obvious questions for this photo would be, how did he get up there, and how was the photo shot? This is a simple example of how I love to make people use their minds when they see my photos.

GP: Tell us about your approaches of shooting? How much of your work is carefully planned vs. candid?

Achraf: I love to be creative and innovative with my digitally-enhanced photos, and my main aim is to have viewers ponder and reflect. I try to place myself in the shoes of the viewers, and think, what would they think, and what sort of questions will they likely pose. Then, I move forward and embark on a creative project. This is the way I love to work.

Basically I use the story I heard, or the idea I had to take a photo. Each image starts with an idea and a draft on paper of the story and then the camera and the editing are the tools to bring to life what's in the creator's mind, a fantasy dream world hanging within the limits of surrealism and supernatural.



GP: Do you believe you’ve found your style or signature?

Achraf: Speaking of that...... I’ve always dreamed of being a director of short films, and I have already made three short films and received many awards; but photo-manipulation does give me breath to express my ideas through my artwork.

GP: Do you have any new series idea? And what’s it about?

Achraf: In my recent series “Inside My Dreams”, viewers are enabled to find a mirror that will reflect the image of their lives and the situations that they deal with and the problems that they all need to face in real life. There will be insightful messages as well as interesting ideas that arise from those unique photos and compositions.

My small world.jpg

My small world

GP: As a judge of the photo contest ‘The 4th Golden Orchid Photo Awards’, what advice do you have for submitters?

Achraf: It’s never easy to succeed and sustain going pro and freelance in the beginning, I know people take anywhere between half a year to even a few, it will take dedication and luck, but hard work and perseverance is the key. Never give up, no matter how hard it is. Nothing is impossible!



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