High Water in Venice: B/W Photos Showing a Real 'Water City'

To carry on this project, Italian photographer Virgilio Bardossi used to wonder what was the motivation that drove him to conduct the book “High Water in Venice”. But speaking of the water issue, two major catastrophic events came to Virgilio Bardossi’s mind, one was the flood tragedy in November in Great Britain, and the other was what we are going to talk about: the high water in Venice (both of them happened in 2015).


“The flood in Florence hit hard.” said Virgilio Bardossi. “My house was flooded by the fury of love, the river reached height with six meters, ruining everything, including family photos... And the strong water in Venice touched the record level...” However, this situation did not really upset his life; on the contrary, his love and passion on photography, which has been a way of his life, led him to pick up camera and capture this extreme situation.


In fact, from inside mines in Romania to well-known water-related sports and action; from the dust and dirt of Carcross to cross-country skiing and rafting; from Misha (Mascot for the Russian Summer Olympic Games in 1980) to photographic work, Virgilio Bardossi had lots of opportunities to immersed himself in water thing. It also included, of course, the coastal flooding in Massachusetts after winter storm Juno hitting in 2015, and Tropical Storm Lucy in 1974...... Photos were kept about those continuous guest of winds, rains and numerous precarious nature at night.


Here are some images of "High Water in Venice" as following:










(All rights reserved Virgilio Bardossi)

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