Maramureş in Blue: Romanian Region Remaining Traditions

Maramureş is a region of the north of Romania that confines with Ukraine, and is widely regarded as Romania’s most traditional region. The traveler who leaves cities, be already in a really, for us, the western forgotten. As visiting numerous villages of this region is as to make a plunge in the past.

05_I05_Marcello Materassi_Boys group.jpg

Boys Group

The work of fields is made in the traditional manner, the labor one makes it with horses, seed-times and the harvest of products of the heart, peasants make to the hand...

All that costs the tiredness and the sacrifice, they work from morning till night, but peasants appear serene and smiling. Houses are again in wood with pointed roofs and small window, during the winter it snows a lot and it is very cold and walls are generally decorated with carpets cloths by them same.

In this really, the religion has a very important role. For Easter and for the Christmas peasants attend the Mass with the most beautiful traditional costume and if it is necessary they make kilometres to arrive to the church.


In this simple and sincere world, photographer Marcello Materassi looked for with his photos to achieve a work that will remain a documentation on this region when modernity will even arrive in this place.

06_I05_Marcello Materassi_The friends.jpg

The Friends

14_I05_Marcello Materassi_Wool spinning.jpg

Wool Spinning

(All photos reserved Marcello Materassi)

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