Aspects of Burma: Painted-Like Photographs Showing Burma's Life

With a period of practice and experience on photographing, British photographer Chris Forster realised that whilst recording documentary photography can faithfully reproduce what is in front of the camera at the time of pressing the shutter; however, the ensuing images offer the viewers only a limited amount of information and may, in fact, exclude the viewers by not explaining what the image is all about.

Chris Forster’s wish is to produce creative documentary photos that not only attract and interest the viewers, but also illustrate the message he wishes to portray - he does this through the use of montage and texture screens.

Consequently, in his recent holiday to Burma (also known as Myanmar), Chris Forster captured a set of photo-travel images of Burma in an ideal platform that he created with his artistic intent - enhancing both the enjoyment and informative content of those photos.

▲ Inle Fisherman

This shows the use of the iconic cone fishing nets at Inle Lake and the background shows some of the catch at the local market.

▲ Poor Amongst Riches

Most Burmese have few possessions and little money and yet are surrounded by gold covered temples.

▲ Public Transport

With little money, most people rely on overcrowded local transport of varying quality.

▲ River Life

The Irrawaddy River flows the length of Burma from North to South bringing life-giving water and sediment

as well as providing a major route for transport.

▲ Towards Indein

There are many interesting sites in Burma only just being noticed by the tourist circuit.

Indein is next to Inle Lake, where the fisherman have adopted this unique leg rowing style.

"The country is only just opening up to mass tourism after many years of political and social conflict," said Chris Forster, "my wish is that after viewing this portfolio, the viewer may have a fuller understanding of this intriguing country, whilst enjoying the pictures in their own right."

(All photos reserved Chris Forster)

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