One Day on Mars

With passion on photographing nightscapes, Ukrainian travel photographer Yevhen Samuchenko has shot the project “One Day on Mars” for two years, capturing natural light of the moon and stars in different seasons - spring, summer and winter.

“Usually, one shooting departure for this project I take from 4 to 8 hours,” Yevhen Samuchenko stated, “since there is a few hours going to them through the mud and water of the pond - Kuyalnik Estuary (Ukraine), I often put on my rubber boots during the shooting.” In addition, the processing of those photos used Lightroom, and toner image used in order to create colors in the same style that is their additional united.

Through this project, in fact, photographer Yevhen Samuchenko wants to show the visual story of the cosmic wandered, who got on an unknown planet and explores its, making discoveries for themselves.

As photographer said, this is a photographic series about creation of an unusual view of the earth landscape with simple means of photography, and simple light sources, such as a LED flashlight and an external flash, practically without photomontage.

(View whole images ofOne Day on Mars project on Gallery here.)

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