My Own Path: Brief Story about Photographer Jakub Polomski

This is a short story of photographer Jakub Polomski’s life or rather about the role which photography plays in it.


Jakub Polomski is a Polish photographer, specialising in landscape and travel photography. Now he can say he is a professional photographer, and makes his living on landscape photography. However, it took Jakub Polomski some time to get to this point of his life. Moreover, he hopes that this story will inspire viewers somehow.


Jakub Polomski’s adventure with photography began in the year of 2005 which was very difficult time for him. After finishing school, he didn’t know what to do in his life, and had no plans for the future.

While reading issue of National Geographic magazine, however, the simple idea came across his mind - why not to try taking pictures? As a result, Jakub Polomski borrowed camera from a friend, never before he had his own, and began taking pictures around his hometown Cieszyn. Luckily, he really enjoyed it!

Actually, Jakub Polomski was reading about photography and learning himself. After some time, he thought that his images are really good, and decided to publish them on some of Polish photo web platforms. He was the beginner, so according to this famous chart Jakub Polomski believed 80% of his photos are good. Well, they were not, and he got a lot of negative comments.


Thanks to these critiques, Jakub Polomski made a huge progress. With the willingness of proving himself that he can do it better, Jakub Polomski spent really a lot of time on photographing, reading, and learning.

At that time, Jakub Polomski worked 8-10 hours per day as self-taught graphic designer at a production company. After work, he studied photography for another 8 hours and during weekends. In 2007, for the first time he sent his images to Polish photo contest in which he was awarded with the 3rd prize. Since then, Jakub Polomski has been awarded with several prizes and commendations in various national and international photography contests.

Besides, by far the most important for him is National Geographic Poland statuette gained for the first place in category ‘Polish Landscape’ in 2010. After receiving this award, Jakub Polomski decided to try making photography his profession.

The Journey

In the same year, Jakub Polomski was also awarded with one of 4 main prizes in contest featured by National Geographic Traveler. The award was like a dream for him - it was 7-days journey to Patagonia.

The funny thing about it was that he had not flown by airplane before, and this trip from Cieszyn (Poland) to El Calafate (Argentina) lasted 36 hours. Jakub Polomski loved it. As it was on February, Poland was covered by snow and he appeared in such an exotic and photogenic location.


After this trip Jakub Polomski has started building his own portfolio. And then he discovered that more than a half of his works were taken abroad, so he thought that it would be good idea to publish them on some international platform. That is how Jakub Polomski found To his amazement after couple of weeks, he was featured on the main site of with ‘Monochromatic Alps’ project, which made him get huge exposure. Since that time lots of people and organisations found him and asked about buying photos or using them for a publication.


Jakub Polomski has chosen photo from ‘Top of France’ series for a cover of this story, because this is one of milestones in his evolution. This photo was taken in very famous place where thousands of people take hundreds of pictures daily. He is proud of it, because monochromatic version of this image is one of the best selling pictures in Yellow Korner global photo gallery.


Jakub Polomski dedicates this story to all people and organisations who and which helped him to achieve such exposure. Below viewers can see his photos captured in different locations since 2007.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

2007 Poland and Slovakia

2008 Slovakia, Switzerland and Austria

2009 Austria

2010 One more thing... BACKUP!!!

In this year by short circuit Jakub Polomski lost all data on his computer without any backup. After couple of days he recovered small part of pictures, but he thought they were useless. Jakub Polomski even considered to resign, but finally he managed to continue his activity. Also this year in 2010, Jakub Polomski was awarded in National Geographic photo contest, and the winning photo was one of those recovered.

2011 Italy, Austria, Argentina and Chile

2012 Slovakia, France and Switzerland

2013 Norway, Slovakia and Czech Republic

2014 Argentina, Chile and France

p.s. The Gears using for capturing those photos are:

Canon EOS 350D

Nikon D200

Canon EOS 5D Sigma 10-20

Canon EF-S 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6

Canon EF 70-200 F/4.0

Canon 17-40 Nikkor 70-300

(Credited by Jakub Polomski,

more information on Jakub Polomski's Page and Website)

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