Sandmarc releases anamorphic lens for the iPhone

Apple's iPhone models and other high-end smartphones are increasingly regarded as serious tools for film-making, generating a market for movie-centric smartphone camera accessories. Last year premium lens makers Moment launched an anamorphic lens for smartphones, now rivals Sandmarc follow suit.

The Sandmarc anamorphic lens for iPhones comes with a multi-element design, multi-coating and anti-reflective glass. It uses an aluminum body and can be attached to most recent iPhone models via a dedicated case or a lens clip.

The company says the lens has been designed to create the same kind of image flare you see in movies and, like other anamorphic lenses, captures more horizontal information by squeezing the image.

The end result is a cinematic look with ultra-wide aspect ratio and black bars at top and bottom. The lens is available for the iPhone 7/7Plus and later on the Sandmarc website. The package will set you back $160 and comes with the lens clip and a dedicated case for your iPhone.

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