Apple mounts 32 iPhones XR on bullet-time rig to shoot experimental video

Apple posted an experimental video on its Youtube channel today that was edited using footage from 32 iPhone XR devices mounted on a circular bullet-time rig.

In the video you can see all sorts of different materials and objects, such as dry ice bubbles, slime or burning metal balls, filmed from varying angles, using creative lighting techniques and a range of the camera's special modes, for example the 240 fps slow-motion mode.

A making-of video gives you a behind-the scenes look, showing how the rig is being assembled and how a team of technicians is working to achieve the desired special effects.

We'd assume most of the editing for the video done was done on a desktop or laptop computer rather than a mobile device, but still, the results are stunning and show in an impressive way what smartphone cameras are capable of these days.

This isn't the first video of this kind. Apple shared a similar video last year and back in 2014 photographer Paul Trillo and Microsoft mounted 50 Nokia Lumia 1020 on a rig to achieve a bullet-time effect.

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