Prisma update adds in-app filter store

Prisma is a wildly popular iOS and Android app that uses a mix of neural networks, artificial intelligence and cloud-based machine learning to apply a range of filter effects to photos and videos. The resulting images mimic styles of artists such as Munch or Picasso.

However, even though Prisma effects tend to be located at the more interesting end of the filter spectrum, there is a chance you won't quite find what you are looking for when planning to enhance your images or videos. Thankfully, Prisma is now expanding the number of filters on offer by adding a filter-store to the Android and iOS versions of its app. This addition allows you to download new filters and remove existing ones from your app, creating your personal filter collection. To start with Prisma will add new effects every week, but the plan is to add them daily. At some point there should also be user reviews and filter sharing capabilities.

For now filters in the store are free, but we don't know if that is going to change at some point in the future. Prisma also says the most active users will get an opportunity to create their own styles and share them with Prisma users on Store but does not specify how exactly this process will work. In any case, giving users the ability to download new style collections and delete unwanted ones should make them come back to the app more frequently.

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