RawTherapee 5.0 released with new tools, faster performance and bug fixes

Free raw photo-processing application RawTherapee has been updated to version 5.0, adding numerous features including support for both grayscale TIFF (32-bit) and JPEG in addition to the myriad of raw formats it already supports. In addition to new features, RawTherapee 5 also brings with it 'over two years worth' of improvements, including cleaner code, unspecified bug fixes and faster speeds.

Most notably, RawTherapee 5 offers a new Wavelets tool and a Retinex tool, a post-resize sharpening option, automatic chroma noise reduction, new 'Perceptual' and 'Luminance' exposure tone curve modes, a curve pipette and a 100% image preview when hovering the mouse over a photo. The full list of features is below.

RawTherapee 5 is available to download now for Windows XP through Windows 10 32-bit and Vista through Windows 10 64-bit, as well as macOS 10.8 through 10.12.

New Features

Wavelets tool.

Retinex tool.

Monitor profile and rendering intent support.

Print soft-proofing support.

Automatic chroma noise reduction, manual luminance noise reduction using sliders and curves.

The "Inspect" tab in the File Browser lets you see a 100% preview of the image whose thumbnail your mouse cursor hovers over, which is either the largest JPEG image embedded in the raw file or the image itself when hovering over non-raw images.

The curve pipette allows you to pick the right point of a curve by clicking in the preview, and input/output values so that you can set the desired output value for a given input value.

Post-resize sharpening, to give your photos that subtle crispness after resizing them.

Dual-illuminant DCP support with curves, base tables, look tables and baseline exposure.

New exposure tone curve modes "Luminance" and "Perceptual".

Queue processing will stop if an error is encountered while saving, e.g. if you run out of disk space.

The Contrast by Detail Levels tool received the "Process Locate Before/After Black-and-White" option.

Rec. 2020 ICC profile added.

The Navigator can show RGB, HSV and L*a*b* values in a range of 0-255, 0-1 or %.

The Lockable Color Picker allows you to place multiple sample points over the preview to measure colors and see them change in real time as you manipulate the image. They support the same ranges as the Navigator.

Grayscale JPEG and TIFF images are now supported.

32-bit TIFF files are supported.

In addition to these new features, RawTherapee received over two years worth of amazing speedups, code cleanups and bug fixes, making it faster and more stable than ever before!

Via: Rawtherapee

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