2016 Sony World Photography Awards - Open Competition Winners

The 2016 Sony World Photography Awards, the world’s biggest photography competition created by the World Photography Organisation, just announced the winners of its Open and Youth competitions. A record-breaking 230,103 photographs from over 186 countries were entered into the awards’ three competitions (Professional, Open and Youth) and the ten Open and three Youth winners were selected from a total of 103,005 entries. Each winning image was chosen as the single best shot in its category.



Snowy Central Park at 10,000 feet. Photo by Filip Wolak, Poland

“It was one of those brisk wintery days in March 2015. Everyone was already tired of the long and tough winter here in the north east. Amazed by how clear the day was I took my Cessna above New York's restricted airspace, which gave me a full freedom to roam. The winds were quite strong that day with no haze and unlimited visibility. With a bit of planning (and luck) I was able to capture perfect shadow alignment along the avenues - I had only one chance to capture - they were shifting fast.”

Arts and Culture


The Lantern Store. Photo by Swee Choo Oh, Malaysia

“Lantern Store in Hoi An Vietnam.”



Planned Obsolescence. Photo by Pedro Diaz Molins, Spain

Low Light


Enchanted Bamboo Forest. Photo by Kei Nomiyama, Japan

“The season of a firefly comes around in Japan at the beginning of a rainy season. This firefly is a species called Luciola parvula, and repeats blink. [Hime-HOTARU] Call a firefly in Japan. This species flies in the beautiful forest. In particular, the firefly in bamboo forest is valuable. The population of these firefly decreases every year in Japan. These may be influence by environmental destruction. This picture was taken under a little moonlight.”

Nature & Wildlife


Untitled. Photo by Michaela Šmídová, Czech Republic



Goðafoss. Photo by Markus, Van Hauten, Germany

“The is the famous Goðafoss in wintertime. Clear blue/green water and ice everywhere.”



Cuba Beach. Photo by Alexandre Meneghini, Brazil

“People swim at the sea in Havana, April 28, 2015. On Sunday, Cuba registered a temperature of 39.7 degrees Celsius, 0.1 degrees less than the island's historic record, according to Jose Rubiera, Director of the National Forecast Center of the Institute of Meteorology of Cuba.”



Wake Up Call. Photo by Alexander Ingle, UK

“It's Easter, and after a large celebratory meal, a moment's peace is an opportunity for a nap. The youngest member of the Nawrot family, having none of it, climbs onto the sofa and prepares to wake 'Dziadzia Jacek' (his grandfather). This brief moment before jumping on his grandfather's legs is one of pure joy.”

Split Second


Splashing Birds. Photo by Chaiyot Chanyam, Thailand

“Two birds were sipping water on the bank, unaware of the coming crashing waves!”



Untitled. Photo by Andrej Tarfila, Slovenia

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