Haze bricks

The haze problem in Beijing has become so serious that the dust of high content can be actually made into bricks. A young man from Shenzhen, named himself "Nuts Brother", began his "Dust Plan" from July of this year, in which he used an industrial vacuum cleaner to collect Beijing haze for 100 days and made all of the collected dust into bricks. "Nuts Brother" said he hoped this project would urge the city, and the country at large, to take this problem of air pollution really serious.

He had this idea in 2013 when haze began to grow worse in the city and people were flooded with numerous and frequent reports about it, which inspired him to go to the streets of Beijing and collect haze. Then he recorded the process of collection with these photographs.

He used a 1000w industrial vacuum cleaner, with the filter flow of 234 cubic meters per hour and the filter fineness of 0.2 micron. It could run 4 days on a single charge, roughly the breathing capacity of 62 individuals in one day.

Today he went to a brick factory in Tangshan and turned all the collected haze into bricks. He planned to use these bricks for future construction materials in Beijing.


(All photographs by "Nuts Brother")

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