Town celebrates Christmas early for boy with brain cancer

The rural Ontario town of St. George welcomed Christmas two months early this year, with streets, houses and shops decorated with lights and wreaths—all for the Evan Leversage, a seven-year-old boy who has been suffering from cancer.

Evan has been battling brain cancer since he was two. Recently his family learned that his tumor has spread, and worried that the little boy would not be able to make it to December, they decided to celebrate Christmas on Saturday.

Little Evan’s mother Nicole Wellwood, a single mother of three children, hoped to give her son the full Christmas ex

perience. Her cousins helped handing out flyers and opened a Facebook page for donations and also appealed to residents to decorate for Christmas.

In response, hundreds of houses were lit up, with many families, friends and even strangers decorating early. “When Evan looks out his window, the backyard is decorated and there’s a sign saying ‘Merry Christmas,” Wellwood said.

A company even provided artificial snow to adorn the front lawn of the family’s home. What’s more, even 25 floats joined the huge Christmas parade in the town, which went past Evan’s house. Around 7,000 people came to St. George to wish Evan as Merry Christmas, said the local police. Santa also showed up and brought him a present.

Wellwood said she and her family will never forget this week. “He (Evan) is a very lucky boy to have so many people fighting behind him,”she said. Local police and firefighters both gave Evan their uniforms to fulfill his dreams.

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