Mythological and Emotional Water-colored Photography

Aliza Razell is a Massachusetts-based visual artist, who has created a number of mesmerizing artworks by combining photography and watercolor painting in her series of self-portraits that feature vibrant strokes of color.

The combination perfectly captures the humanity and surreality of mythological and psychological themes, as well as the poetic evocations of a fleeting feeling. And watercolors play an essential role in enhancing the vitality of her photographs.

Her two stunning series are entitled 'Anesidora' and 'Ikävä'.

Referencing Greek mythology, Razell's series “Anesidora” explores the story of Pandora's Box in six images inspired by the magic of confronting and ultimately collaborating with something foreign and otherworldly. Anesidora (“anesi” meaning “up from below” and “dora” meaning “gift” or “given”) in fact is another name for Pandora.


Ikävä’ takes its inspiration from the Finnish word which means the feeling of missing a person, place or thing. The series poignantly addresses the feeling of loss and nostalgia in striking whimsical scenes.

She states that she is always having a burning need to create.

(All photographs by Aliza Razell)

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