2019IPPA iphone photography contest

Entry requirement :

Entries are not allowed to be published on other platforms, except personal accounts on social platforms.

All entries are shot with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Post-production by computer software such as Photoshop is not allowed, but post-production by any IOS app is allowed.

Any model of iPhone is included in the list of usable devices, and additional lenses are allowed. In some cases, organizers will require proof that the work is from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and if it cannot be verified, the work is not eligible to participate.

Each side of the uploaded works shall be no less than 1000 pixels, and the system supports uploading in original size.

Entry group

Abstract, animals, architecture, children, flowers, scenery, life, nature, news events, panorama, people, portraits, group photos (3 as a group), still life, sunset, travel, trees, others.


All photos compete for the four annual IPPA awards: the prestigious IPPA overall champion of the year and the IPPA photography of the year gold, silver and bronze awards, and the three awards will be announced later than the overall champion.

Gold MEDALS are awarded to first prize winners in 18 categories; The winner of the second prize will win an alloy medal. The first, second and third prize winners in all categories will receive the IPPA competition award certificate.

The above winning works will be displayed online on the official website of IPPA contest, and will be published on relevant materials of IPPA contest.

Honorable award: the judges of the IPPA contest will select an unlimited number of honorable award winners according to their works.


March 24, 2020

Entry fees

One work: 32 yuan

2-3 works: 86 yuan

4-5 works: 140 yuan

6-10 works: 248 yuan

11-15 works: 410 yuan

16-20 works: 515 yuan

21-25 works: 590 yuan

Series group works: 86 yuan/group

There is no limit on the number of uploaded works, but it is recommended that the author carefully select a film to participate in the competition. Entry fee is non - refundable. The organizer of IPPA competition will have the right to use the winning works for promotion.


The photographer shall enjoy copyright in the work. The organizer of IPPA contest will indicate the photographer when using any submitted works. The scope of use includes IPPA contest publications, exhibitions, websites, media publicity and any other platforms related to the contest. All participants should enter the competition after understanding and agreeing with this statement.

Participants shall guarantee :(1) copyright and ownership of the work; (2) the work shall not infringe upon the rights and interests of any third party; (3) the works will not convey wrong or misleading information; (4) the description of the work is true and accurate.

The winning notification

Jury members will receive all entries and select winners based on artistic level, originality, thematic performance and style

All winners will be announced 8 to 12 weeks after the deadline, and only the top winners of each category will be notified before the official announcement.

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