Winners of Bird Photographer of the Year 2019 announced


Bird Photographer Of The Year 2019, Best Portrait Gold Award Winner and People's Choice Winner: Dancing On Ice - Dalmatian Pelican. Lake Kerkini, Greece. Photographer: Caron Steele, United Kingdom. Bird Photographer of the Year

When Caron Steele, winner of Bird Photographer Of The Year 2019, arrived in Greece to take pictures of Dalmatian Pelicans in their breeding plumage, she discovered that Lake Kerkini, their favored haunt, had frozen for the first time in 16 years and all the pelicans had flown off.
"Fortunately, a few holes started to thaw in the lake and the birds slowly began to return," explained the British photographer who won the top prize of £5,000 and the title "Bird Photographer of the Year 2019," as well as the Gold Award for the Best Portrait category and the People's Choice Award with the photo "Dancing On Ice - Dalmatian Pelican."
"Unused to the slippery icy surface of the lake they regaled us with hilarious antics as they slid across the lake surface trying to retain control as they took off and landed."

Best Portfolio Winner: Black-crowned Night-heron at Kiskunság National Park, Hungary, hunting at twilight.Thomas Hinsche, Germany, Bird Photographer of the Year

Best Portfolio Winner: Eurasian Hoopoe Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.: A male Hoopoe feeding its mate while she incubates the eggs. Thomas Hinsche, Germany/Bird Photographer of the Year

In its fourth annual edition, the Bird Photographer of the Year (BPOTY) competition organized by the British natural history photo library Nature Photographers Ltd (NPL), has unveiled the amazing selection of winners culled from more than 13.500 entries submitted from 63 countries.
The contest includes £3,500 and an Olympus camera system awarded to the Best Portfolio which was won this year by Thomas Hinsche from Germany with a series of six images and gold, silver, bronze and honorable mentions in different categories: Birds in the Environment, Attention to Detail, Bird Behavior, Birds in Flight, Garden and Urban Birds, Creative Imagery, Young Bird Photographer and a special new Inspirational Encounter Award.
The 2020 competition, which is open to professional and amateur photographers, is receiving entries from 18th August 2019 until 30 November 2019.

Blue on Blue: Best Portrait, Silver Award Winner - A bold young Kingfisher during the winter months in the middle of Hertfordshire town center, fishing around ornamental water gardens that are surrounded by shops, roads and a car park. Ben Andrew, United Kingdom/Bird Photographer of the Year

Head On: Birds in Flight, Gold Award Winner - Black Skimmer in Ocean City, New Jersey.Nikunj Patel, USA/Bird Photographer of the Year

Gown: Attention to Detail, Silver Award Winner - A Little Egret in wonderful breeding plumage at dawn in Pusztaszer, Hungary.Csaba Tökölyi, Hungary/Bird Photographer of the Year

Pelican: Attention to Detail, Honourable Mention- Perth, Western Australia. Diana Andersen, Australia/Bird Photographer of the Year

The Way of Life: Birds in the Environment, Gold Award Winner- Mixed Gulls and herons gather at low tide in Kuwait.Mohammad Khorshed/Bird Photographer of the Year

Rope-dancer: Bird Behaviour, Silver Award Winner - Grey Heron at a fish farm near Kanjiza in the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina. Jozsef Gergely, Serbia/Bird Photographer of the Year

Shadows: Creative Imagery, Bronze Award Winner - Each year, thousands of Common Guillemots arrive to breed on the tiny island of Hornøya, which boasts the northernmost bird cliffs in Norway.Audun Lie Dahl, Norway/Bird Photographer of the Year

Church Light: Garden and Urban Birds, Gold Award Winner - An all-white Snowy Owl on a quaint white church set against a light backdrop in Saskatchewan, Canada.Chad Larsen, Canada/Bird Photographer of the Year


The Tongue of the Hummingbird: Young Bird Photographer Of The Year, Silver Award Winner - A female Rufous Hummingbird sticks out her tongue. Madeline Nolan, USA/Bird Photographer of the Year

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