The new Chinese website is on line!

Global Photography is pleased to announce the relaunch of its Chinese website, designated to give a more user-friendly experience and update with the latest information regarding photography.

Having the goal in mind to create a better platform for photographers all over the world, we have directed more attention and effort towards the integrity and expanded influence of the website. A number of features are presented, inclusive of, but not limited to the following aspects: column arrangement, layout and functional enhancement.

You are able to enjoy an assortment of appealing photos in various categories, have the opportunity to meet Chinese and oversea photographers with their high-quality works and interesting articles, sell your works in Chinese market, learn about Chinese unique culture, take on a photo tour in China and find like-minded people or fellow expats. Besides, our featured contests are designed for all the photography enthusiasts. On our website are all you expect of photography and more.

We believe that the new web environment marks an improvement in the appearance, navigability, accessibility and usability. Please feel free to check out our new website. We truly hope you enjoy it!

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