Winners announced for 2018 APC International Photography Exhibition

The results of the 3rd APC (Asia Pacific Cup) International Photography Exhibition were recently announced. The contest has received 6521 entries from 42 countries and regions around the world. A total of 187 awards were presented, and the grand prize goes to Belgian photographer JOZEF DE FRAINE, who won 2,000 US dollars. Below are some of the winning works, scroll down to enjoy!

PID Color Honorable Mentions

WCPF Honorable Mention©hugo chan (US) camel racing

WCPF Honorable Mention©LEE ENG TAN (Singapore) From the Lotus

WCPF Honorable Mention©Yue Li (Chinese Mainland) Roaming the coast

WCPF Honorable Mention©Anne Margrete Vognild Einum (Norway) Sommarregn 1

GFWP Honorable Mention©Khaing Sandar Tin (Singapore) Fly Kick

GFWP Honorable Mention©Zheng Gong (Chinese Mainland) Amans style


GFWP Honorable Mention©Alexandrino Lei Airosa (Macao) Kungfu Tea Master 06

GFWP Honorable Mention©Kunping Chen (Chinese Mainland) Shaolin zen and martial arts1

APC Honorable Mention©Kaiying Yu (Chinese Mainland) Devoted Pilgrim

APC Honorable Mention©Robin Yong (Australia) iBagnanti di Senigallia

APCHonorable Mention©Tao Li (Chinese Mainland) Outside world is beautiful

APC Honorable Mention©Guanhua Xu (Chinese Mainland) Recalling the year

Woman (PID Color) Honorable Mentions

WCPF Honorable Mention©Malcolm JENKIN (UK) Lady Butterfly

WCPF Honorable Mention©Khaing Sandar Tin (Singapore) Tina Green Swirl 1

WCPF Honorable Mention©Xin Yan (Chinese Mainland) Picking up wheat ear

WCPFHonorable Mention©Yunhui Dong (Chinese Mainland) Go Home

GFWPHonorable Mention©TEVFIK ILERI (Cyprus) FACE TO FACE

GFWP Honorable Mention©Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz (Spain) Violeta Shot

GFWP Honorable Mention©Alexandrino Lei Airosa (Macao) Afternoon teabreak

GFWP Honorable Mention©Lin Hu (Chinese Mainland) GRANDMASSPINNING WHEEL

APC Honorable Mention©Liming Huang (Chinese Mainland) -Rizi

APC Honorable Mention©Aiping Guo (Chinese Mainland) Lifeof Licun people

APC Honorable Mention©Cheng Baimaci (Chinese Mainland) Hard working Tibetan girl

APC Honorable Mention©Yong Zhi Li (Australia) Old Woman_4

PID Monochrome Honorable Mentions

WCPF Honorable Mention©Alexey Suloev (Russia) Girlfriend talk

WCPFHonorable Mention©Daniel LYBAERT (Netherlands) Drie schapen

WCPF Honorable Mention©Lajos Nagy (Romania) Runningwith the wind

WCPF Honorable Mention©Thomas Lang (US) Prelude To Sea

GFWPHonorable Mention©Xiping An (Chinese Mainland) Galloping

GFWP Honorable Mention©Yinghao Quan (Chinese Mainland) Journey home

GFWP Honorable Mention©chen CHU (Australia) lonely Tree

GFWP Honorable Mention©Zheng Gong (Chinese Mainland) Lookout

APC Honorable Mention©Ihsan Jezany (Germany) Subway

APC Honorable Mention©Hangwen Jiang (Chinese Mainland) A lonely journey

APCHonorable Mention©Lin You (Chinese Mainland) Faith

APC Honorable Mention©Kangfen Zhu (Chinese Mainland) wuzhaopushui

ND Honorable Mentions

WCPF Honorable Mention©Markus van Hauten (Germany) Aldeyjarfoss

WCPFHonorable Mention©Linji Song (Chinese Mainland) Feed-hoopoe

WCPF Honorable Mention©Danlei Ye (Cananda) Thepolar bear5

WCPF Honorable Mention©LEE ENG TAN (Singapore) Chameleon4

GFWP Honorable Mention©Shengwei Dai (Chinese Mainland) Follow

GFWP Honorable Mention©Hsueh-Liang Tzeng (Taiwan) Catch fish

GFWP Honorable Mention©Kerry Boytell (Australia) It's All Mine

GFWP Honorable Mention©Zhishu Liao (Chinese Mainland) Interpreta dream

APC Honorable Mention©Zhuohui Chen (Chinese Mainland) Multicolored Mount Huangshan

APC Honorable Mention©Weiguo Lai (Chinese Mainland) captain

APC Honorable Mention©Robin Yong (Australia) Earless Monitor Lizard

APC Honorable Mention©Lianguan Zhang (Chinese Mainland) white-headed langur

PTD Honorable Mentions

WCPFHonorable Mention©Thomas Lang (US) Sharing With Hot Spring

WCPFHonorable Mention©Yanping Qiu (Hong Kong) Twilight

WCPFHonorable Mention©Yan Zhang (Chinese Mainland) The children of the tribe

WCPF Honorable Mention©Hsueh-Liang Tzeng (Taiwan) Rainy morning

GFWP Honorable Mention©Shihu Qian (Chinese Mainland) Early Masters

GFWP Honorable Mention©Ying Han (Chinese Mainland) Sunset glow

GFWP Honorable Mention©Sergey Agapov (Russia) Man from Karo tribe

GFWP Honorable Mention©SINKAI CHEUNG (Australia) Horses Galloping 5

APC Honorable Mention©Khaing Sandar Tin (Singapore) Pedestrians 3

APC Honorable Mention©Xin Yan (Chinese Mainland) Homeward journey

APC Honorable Mention©Zhanxiang Shao (Chinese Mainland) Happy Splash

APC Honorable Mention©Jinyi Zhang (Chinese Mainland) Thewarrior on the Bulls Festival

PJD Honorable Mentions


WCPFHonorable Mention©Wolfgang Habringer (Austria) Burning KTM



WCPFHonorable Mention©Gerhard Boehm (Germany) Shipwreck

GFWP Honorable Mention©Wei Ye (Chinese Mainland) Make concerted efforts

GFWP Honorable Mention©Arnaldo Paulo Che (Hong Kong) Papuan soccer 1

GFWP Honorable Mention©Xiurong Chen (Chinese Mainland) A feast of the ancient house

GFWP Honorable Mention©Tianming Zhang (Chinese Mainland) Snowfall

APC Honorable Mention©Jianping Li-China-Great DhakaPilgrimage

APC Honorable Mention©Leanne Alessi (Australia) Splash of Lime

APC Honorable Mention©Hong Li (Chinese Mainland) Village barbershop


APC Honorable Mention©Minqiang Lu (Chinese Mainland) Fate

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