Zeng Yi Art Photo Exhibition opens in Italy

On May 25th, 2018, the “Homeland and the common people—Zeng Yi Photography Art Exhibition” was held at the FIAP Exhibition Center in Montevarchi, Tuscany, Italy.


The exhibition was co-sponsored by the International Federation of Photographic Arts, the municipality of Montevarchi, the Montevarchi Photographers Association and the FIAP Italian Exhibition Center.

The exhibition showcased the photographic art work created by Mr. Zeng Yi since the 1980s to show the lives of Chinese people and record their living conditions and spiritual outlook. The exhibition showcased Mr. Zeng’s various periods of time. There are a total of 50 works.

Mr. Zeng Yi’s personal photo exhibition has been held in the National Art Museum of Atlanta since 1986. He has held exhibitions in several countries including the National Library of Atlanta, the Carter Presidential Museum, the National Museum of Albania, the National Museum of Turin, Italy, and the National Art Center of Malta. Works are collected by museums or art galleries.

At 9:30 the opening of the exhibition was held. The opening ceremony was hosted by ENZO RIGHESCHI, Director of the FIAP Exhibition Center in Italy, and Riccardo Busi, Chairman of the International Federation of Photographic Arts (FIAP), and the Chairman of the Cultural Director of the Municipal Government and Chairman of the Photographers Association congratulated him.

At the opening ceremony, the municipal government of Montevarchi awarded Zeng Yi with a city emblem commemorative plaque, and the city’s art center and library donated a picture book of historical city literature. Zeng Yi presented the municipal government and the art center with works such as “Ancient Fortress” and “Getting Rich Road” shot in Tuscany towns during the Confucius photography exhibition held in Italy in the 1990s. The Art Center Library also has a special collection of Zeng Yi's work "Our Classroom."

Mr. Zeng also delivered a special lecture at the opening ceremony and received live interviews with television stations and the media. Many enthusiastic audiences asked Zeng Yi to sign and take a group photo in the exhibition.

More than two hundred people from all over Italy, Tuscany and Naples, as well as people from all walks of life in Montevarchi attended the opening and watched the exhibition. The Montevarchi television station in Tuscany, the website of the International Photographic Art Association, and the official website of the government have made extensive reports and publicity.

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