Qingdao Declaration-Establishment of Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance

Qingdao Declaration

Establishment of Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance

Today, August 14th, 2017, photographens and photographic organizations from the Silk Road Countries gather together in Qingdao West Coast New District, China to witness this signing ceremony of the proposal for Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance (SRPOIA) and the establishment of the alliance.

Over twenty-one hundred years ago,when ZhangQian was sent to the Western Regions on a diplomatic mission by the Han Dynasty, he explored and opened up the Silk Road tha tinitiated trade ties along the oceans and through the lands. With his intelligence and courage, he wrote a legend of peace and cooperation,openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefits in human history, created new ideals of open-mindedness, cooperation, harmony and inclusiveness. The ideas have been passed from generation to generation and renewed with the change of times in the past thousands of years, becoming a historic and cultural heritage of human civilization.

In the contemporary world, humans stride into a new era of multi-polar politics and cultural diversity, and a new era undergoing a profound revolution. Facing the reality and the future. when opportunities and challenges coexist, countries around the world should unite and live in peace more than ever before in building a peaceful, concordant, and harmonious community with a common destiny.

SRPOIA, a non-profit international alliance organization, will strive to promote the Silk Road Spirit to focus on Silk Road countries, to deepen innovative cooperation, and to bring mutual benefits to all parties. SRPOIA also strives to respect, inherit and spread cultural heritage of member countries along the Silk Road. Through the cultural exchanges of photography field and use of internet and other advanced technology, SRPOIA will promote multicultural cross-border integration and innovative development, and strengthen mutual understandings and cultural exchanges between SPROIA member countries and regions,thus enhancing the global influence of SPROIA, forging a new platform for international and regional photographic art exchange cooperation, and promoting the establishment of international cultural brands of different nationalities.

Despite geographic distance, the like-minded will be bonded together by the same aspiration. We, therefore, the representatives from the photographic world, solemnly declare:Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliancesets sail today and wish her a successful voyage to the world along the Silk Road countries.

Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance

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