CBRE announces winners of 2018 Global Urban Photography Competition

With more than 80,000 entries from 180+ countries, CBRE’s Urban Photographer of the Year competition’s 11th year was its largest and broadest reaching. The competition, which delivers powerful views into urban life, is run annually by CBRE, the world’s leading commercial real estate services and investment firm. This year, amateur and professional photographers were challenged to capture moments of urban connectivity and interactivity through the brief, “Cities of Connections: People, Places, Perspectives.”

Richard Morgan, from the United Kingdom, has been named the overall winner of the competition. Mr. Morgan’s image, “What are you looking at?” captures a fascinating street side scene in Poznan, Poland, of a group of onlookers, entranced by a tourist attraction, disrupted by one, direct stare.

By Richard Morgan

Photo Location: Poznan, Poland

Mel Chennell from the United Kingdom was named as the overall winner of the Mobile Category. Her winning mobile image, “Truly Connected?” captures a scene in a London train station and encourages the viewer to question the true meaning of connections in our digital and physical worlds.

By Mel Chennell

Photo Location: London, United Kingdom

Regional winners were also named.

By Alec Herrera

Photo Location: Auckland, New Zealand

By M Yousuf Tushar

Photo Location: Coxbazar, Bangladesh

By Ian Harper

Photo Location: Barcelona, Spain

Martin Samworth, Group President and Chief Executive Officer of CBRE in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), said, “The competition continues to grow in terms of influence and impact...The images we received truly embody the spirit of city life and human interaction around the world.”

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