Global Photography attends the 6th India International Tourism Mart

On December 5th, at the invitation of the Indian Government, Liu Fusheng, president of Global Photography, headed a delegation to attend the 6th International Tourism Mart in Assam, India, and was given a warm reception. Global Photography has negotiated a partnership with Assam on tourism cooperation, and built cooperation with different regions in cultural and artistic communication and tourism popularization.

Liu Fusheng addressed at the meeting on the subject “How to build up a brand of local tourism with Internet Plus”. He said, as the “Year of Tourism” events were successfully held by China and India in 2015 and 2016, there have been increasingly frequent travel and cultural exchanges between the two countries. Tourism organizations from 30 countries attended this conference, and Global Photography, as the only internet platform in the world applying the concept of “Internet + Photography + Tourism Popularization + Tourism Investment” and aiming at integrating global tourism resources, helps clients design and refine their local resources, promote them to the world, and build a world-class brand. This, as well, will contribute to the cultural and artistic communications between China and India.

Besides, he said that China and India have complementary superiority and huge potential for cooperation. Global Photography is willing to work together with all countries and regions to build up a world-class tourism brand and boost local economy for India.

Liu Fusheng (right) with Rashmi Verma(second from right),Secretary of Indian Tourism Ministry

Global Photography Delegation with Sheob Samad (middle),North East regional director of Indian Tourism Ministry

Liu Fusheng (right) with Sheob Samad (left), North East regional director of Indian Tourism Ministry

Liu Fusheng with other country representatives

Liu Fusheng with other country representatives

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