Signing ceremony of cooperation between Antu County and Global Photography

On November 18th, a signing ceremony was held at the headquarters of the Global Photography in Tianjin, opening a new chapter for the cooperation between Global Photography and Antu. Officials and leaders from Global Photography and Antu County attended the signing ceremony.

Ma Yunji, Chief of Antu County, addressed at the ceremony that "Ecology is resource, as well as productivity. Antu County is located in the eastern part of Jilin Province. The natural ecology and featured tourism resources are rich and varied. It is one of the rare and well-preserved areas in the world. ‘Forests and streams are well protected for thousands of years. Bathing in the forest sea, you will feel eternal peace.’ As the NO. 1 county of Changbai Mountains, Antu is a natural summer resort that has four distinct seasons and picturesque landscapes. Antu County and the Thanks to the wise choice of leaders and entrepreneurs of Global Photography, we have reached agreement in cooperating on a long term basis. I believe, we can create a beautiful future together!"

Liu fusheng, President of Global Photography said: "Antu has had a deep impression on me and It is not only good because of the beautiful natural landscapes, but also of the hospitable people. After the signing, Global Photography will apply with the concept of "Internet + Photography + Tourism + Industrial Investment' to promote Antu to the rest of the world. I wish our cooperation a great success!"

Later, the representatives of Antu County and Global Photography signed the contract. The signing ceremony was completed successfully. This cooperation will surely become a solid platform for the two sides to expand exchanges and enhance cooperation and become a new starting point for win-win cooperation and common development.

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Warm welcome to the beautiful Antu!Warm welcome to the beautiful Antu!Beautiful Antu will surely amaze the world. The hospitable Antu people welcome tourists from all over the world, as well as investors to seek common development.