Museum Visitors Who Match The Artworks

Most of us were bored at some museum at least once in our lives - except this guy! France-based photographer Stefan Draschan always keeps himself entertained at art galleries by creating his own art projects.

One of those projects is “People matching artworks”. Although at first Draschan’s images seem perfectly staged, the secret behind them is actually patience. The photographer enjoys visiting different museums mostly in Paris, Vienna and Berlin where he waits for visitors to suddenly match with a piece of art in a funny way. The result is these humorous and unique pictures of unexpected harmony between people and the artworks they’re facing. It’s usually the outfits that match the art, but there are also people who match with the paintings because of their hair styles and colors, or even beards.

Scroll down to see this ongoing project for yourself and beware – Stefan Draschan might be somewhere out there “hunting” for you!

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