Meet the winners of the Photo Nightscape Awards 2017

The winners of the Photo NightScape Awards 2017, organized by the French non-profit Chasseurs de Nuits, have been announced. This new edition has once again seen the most beautiful nocturnal landscapes and timelapses of the whole world confront each other. “There was this summer a single date and a single place on earth where we could see both partial eclipse of the moon, a conjunction Moon – Saturn, showers of stars, aurora borealis to name but a few phenomena … it was the 19th of August,” said the president of the Jury, Guillaume Cuvillier.

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Junior 1st Prize | Symbiosis of a starry night, France – Rémi Boucher / PNA

Junior 2nd Prize | En route to the stars, France – Alice Fock-Hang / PNA

Junior | Cosmic Dive, France – Baptiste Zloch / PNA

Junior | The path of light guiding to heavens, France – Justin Galant / PNA

Junior | Tournan-en-Brie fields, France – Eliott Bourget / PNA

Junior | The past through the clouds, USA – Jochen Pierré Derouete / PNA

Junior | Thinking Nebula, USA – Félicie Tible Cuypers / PNA

Junior | Yikáísdáhí (Milky way in Navajos), USA – Louis-Hadrien Gros /PNA

In Town 1st Prize | Cape Town, South Africa – Stefan Liebermann / PNA

In Town 2nd Prize | A crown for St Lucy, Syracuse, Italy – Dario Giannobile / PNA

In Town Special Prize | Indoor landscape, France – Joséphine Brueder / PNA

In Town | Moon shines on paradise town, Italy – Asit Apornsupavit / PNA

In Town | Starry night in Cologne, Germany – Dong Han / PNA

In Town | Lunar eclipse ends over Mediterranean, Spain – José Joaquin Chambro Bris / PNA

In Town | Hypnosis, Italy – Massimiliano Pedi / PNA

In Town | Pink Moon Rising, UK – Jonathan Bond / PNA

In Town | Billionstars Condominium, USA – Shreenivasan Manievannan / PNA

In Town | Room 500, Germany – Sandro Schmidt / PNA

In Town | Postcart-perfect village, Switzerland – Pascal Kamm / PNA

Nightscape 1st Prize | Papalanthus wildflower and Milky way, Brazil – Mario Cabral / PNA

Nightscape 2nd prize | A Night at the River, Hongry – György Soponyai / PNA

Nightscape | Human, Milky way, Moon and Venus conjunction, Peru – Camilo Andrés Jaramillo Slva / PNA

Nightscape | Northern lights on Lofoten beach, Norway – Angélique Michel

Nightscape | The search for the beauty of Nature, Australia – Ian Inverarity / PNA

Nightscape | Milky way over Cana Island lighthouse, USA – Jim Brannstorm / PNA

Nightscape | Milky way road, Iran – Massoud Ghadirifar / PNA

Nightscape | Spirals on the Mesa, USA – Marc Toso / PNA


Nightscape | Mr Big Dipper, Switzerland – Nicholas Roemmelt / PNA

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