A seminar at 2017 International Ecology Photography Exhibition in Caidian

On September 27th, a photography seminar, themed “Natural Ecology, Green Development, Harmonious Coexistence, Self-motivated Innovation”, took place at the Meeting Hall of Jiuzhenshan Scenic Area in Caidian, Wuhan.

The seminar aims to explore the historical evolution of ecology photography, vigorously carry forward the socialist core values, enhance the senses of responsibility and historical mission of the photographers, create excellent ecology photographic works, avail of photography for the construction of ecological civilization, and take this opportunity to demonstrate beautiful Caidian landscapes, as well as promote the achievements of local ecological construction. Xu Huafei, associate researcher of Chinese Photographers Association, presided over the meeting.

Officials and photographers from China Photo Press, China Photographers Society, China Wildlife Conservation Association, Wild Wonders of China, Global Photography, and other provincial photographers associations attended the seminar.

"This photo exhibition has been strongly supported by Sino-French Ecological Demonstration City (Caidian District of Wuhan) , showing high importance the government places on natural ecology and green development. We cherish our cooperation, and hope that there will be more in the future. " said Zhao Yingxin, president of China Photographic Publishing House.

Chen Jianwei, vice president of China Wildlife Conservation Association and doctoral advisor of Beijing Forestry University, said: Ecology photography is a product of people’s reflection on ecological protection, revealing people's moral values on ecology. It is an art with a promising future, great potential, and a lot of characteristic features of the times. It is photographers’ duty to "reflect the reality and call for more attention on protecting the ecology".

Xie Jianguo, sponsor of "Natural Image China", said: China is rich in biological resources and has many ecosystems. Demonstration and protection of ecological resources can be achieved through images. Yet we do not have many nature photographers in China, so building a professional team of nature photographers is an urgent problem to be solved in the Chinese photography.

Magnus Lundgren, world famous underwater photographer, said: China's amazing landscapes and magical species are very stunning to me, whether it is from above, on the land or under the water. There are always attractive species, but China certainly has pollution problems too. In terms of ecological protection, most people will focus on what we have lost, but what nature photographers concern are what is retained. "Wild Wonders of Europe", by virtue of its influence, has involved 800 million people into environmental protection, and I hope that "Wild Wonders of China" will have more chances to communicate and cooperate with natural ecology photography agencies and photographers, so as to inspire more people’s love for natural ecology.

Zhang Anhua, director of China Photographers Association, said: ecology photography has been integrated into the world ecological movement, and the relationship between man and nature must be reexamined now. From the presented works we can see that, we are now thinking deeply about the issues of ecological protection, and that people, regardless of their nationality, have found a common direction in terms of ecological protection. What we think determines how our environment will become, thus we shall insist on using photography to guide people with good values and healthy lifestyles.

Su Min’an, professor of Tsinghua University Faculty of Fine Arts: ecology photographers are respectable. At present, people's living environment has been confronted with great threats. People shall not change nature, but adapt to it, and coexist with it. Natural ecology has gradually changed, for better ot for worse. Ecology photographers bare the responsibility and mission to record changes in nature, thus raising awareness of ecological protection.

Xi Ge, general editor of "China Today" magazine, said: The strategy of taking Chinese culture global was adopted at the 16th Fourth Plenary Session of CPC. China's economy, military, and education have been developing rather rapidly, while the cultural development has lagged behind. The reason for this is our traditional culture seems not powerful enough in front of other foreign cultures. It is important to go global, yet it is also crucial to invite foreigners to China, where we may hold international events and introduce our culture for them to better understand our country.

Fu Xin, judge of China National Exhibition, said: human’s expropriation of nature has deprived us of many opportunities to take a closer look at it. This photo exhibition calls for more attention on ecological protection. I believe it will arouse many people from numbness.

Photographer Wu Ying: As an important gateway to the south of China, Hong Kong has a large population, close-packed buildings and highly developed business. Yet Hong Kong is also a city rich in natural resources. Its land is limited, 40% of which is legally protected; there are 24 country parks, 4 underwater nature reserves, and various types of ecological species. Keeping a balance between development and protection is not only a problem facing Hong Kong, but also a common problem for all other cities in China.

Zhu Xianmin, consultant of Chinese Photographers Association, concluded the seminar that the exhibition is very meaningful. The world is concerned about the natural ecology, but exhibitions of natural ecology are very few. Next year is the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up. From the presented photos, we can see that China's environment has been severely devastated during those 40 years. We photographers should take the lead in protecting ecology and evoking the idea of ecology protection.

Representative of Global Photography said that "Ecology photography has always been a major focus of Global Photography, and our business strategy is to use the" Internet + photography + eco-environment + tourism + industry investment" to promote our long term development. We believe that the great importance that local government attaches to ecology photography can effectively protect the local environment, provide people with a better living environment and tourism resources, effectively promote tourism development, attract more people to travel and settle here. Global Photography will continue to focus on ecology photography, and make it a main business."


The meeting was very pluralistic; many different opinions were shared. The seminar lays the groundwork for the development of photography to raise the awareness of environmental protection.

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