10+ Before & After Photos That Prove Why Animal Shelters Need Good Photographers

Much like your Tinder profile picture can make or break your chances of finding a match, so too can pictures of shelter animals make or break their chances of finding a forever home. This theory has recently been proved by Florida’s Orange County Animal Services (OCAS), because the organization recently broke a 48-year-old adoption record and they say that good photography played a big part in their rehoming of so many animals.

“In the past, intake photos (which are taken immediately upon the seizure of the animal) might be the only image a person sees,” OCAS told PetaPixel. “But those pics are mainly for documentation, and identification for lost owners — they are not quality images. Often the animal is frightened, injured, and overall doesn’t connect with a prospective family. For a long time, this was the only or primary means of photography some shelters had, including us. A quality image makes the difference in motivating someone to come meet an animal in person — especially in rural communities. Amazing photography, coupled with social reach, have helped us take adoptions to new levels."

Last year, OCAS decided to hire Albert Harris, a former photography volunteer, to directly support the adoption process, and as you can see below, the results are nothing short of stunning.

“Nothing compares to a captivating image,” said OCAS. “We find that people are connecting in a way with shelter animals that we’ve not seen before. Photography allows a family to see the dog’s personality, playfulness and of course – complete adorableness."

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