Readers' travel photography competition: August – the winners

From reindeer in northern Sweden to penguins in South Georgia, this month’s images include some very original animal shots. Scroll down to see the winner, who receives a £200 holiday voucher from Exodus Travels. The overall 2017 winner will go on a 16-night wildlife holiday for two to Costa Rica with Exodus.


Photo by Eloise Campbell

I was able to follow this young eagle hunter and his eagle in the mountains of Mongolia and watch how they trained. Though the bond between them was new, to me it seemed unbreakable – they were perfectly in sync.

Photo by Adam Cunningham-White

This shot eclipses the moment when we had to change direction with this group of around 300 migrating reindeer in northern Sweden. They can become confused very quickly, making this moment risky; they could run in different directions at the drop of a hat, making it very difficult to get them back into a group.

Photo by Aya Aisu

I captured this beautiful moment in a Tuscan seaside town. My four-year-old daughter was jumping for joy and dancing on the water as the sun was setting.

Photo by Norman Price

I was trying to get a shot of the colourful houses at the Nyhavn waterfront, Copenhagen, reflecting on the water but the water wasn’t calm enough. Then I noticed the reflections dancing around and zoomed in to see the effect. I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

Photo by Michael Sheridan

A procession of women dressed in traditional outfits stream through the streets of Bagan, Myanmar, as part of a wedding celebration. The low sun cast shadows across all the women, except one.

Photo by Craig Farrell

I grabbed this image while walking across a pedestrian bridge in Hong Kong. Using a zoom lens has pulled the foreground closer, making what is a very long street seem shorter, focusing on all the signs and clothes hanging from the buildings.

Photo by Jamie Coleman, runner-up

Which one’s mine? On the island of South Georgia, an adult king penguin wades through the masses of chicks in search of its hungry youngster.

Photo by Nick Dale, runner-up

The right eye of a Grévy’s zebra in close-up at the Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabárceno, near Santander, northern Spain.

Photo by Doug Scott, winner

These buddhist monks in Trongsa Dzong (fortified monastery), Bhutan, made a great composition – and all the better when I realised they were playing with their smartphones in secret.

All the photos are from the web and the copyright retains with the original author. If there is any problem, please contact us.
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