Ballerina strikes incredible poses on the side of a mountain

Thousands of feet above the ground, dance teacher and model Agathe Petrini demonstrates acrobatic dance poses that might make your heart drop.

Although the athelete wears a harness for some of the poses, she leaps without any safety equipment in others. Adventure photographer Alex Buisse scaled and rappelled the mountains in the Brevent-Planpraz area of Aiguilles Rouges in the French Prealps for five hours to capture the shots.

Buisse, who, according to his website, feels most comfortable in the mountains, thought a lot about the perfect landscape in which his model should dance.

"Combining the beauty of perfect dancing movements with gorgeous natural landscapes is definitely appealing to a lot of people," the photographer told The Daily Mail.

The dancer, a native of Chamonix, France, has become known for her extreme ballet feats. She has also posed in various precarious locations in London, including Westminster Bridge, on top of an iconic red British pay phone and on top of an Underground sign.

Petrini's bravery high off the ground is as impressive as her apparent strength and flexibility. Barre instructors use the benefits of ballet poses to intensify their classes. Petrini, a fan of Barre, explained, "As a dance teacher, it's important for me to keep in shape so I am able to push my body to its absolute limit, and Barre is complimentary to my dance regime. It's great to see ballet being made more accessible for everyone to discover in the form of Barre, no matter your age or experience."


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