2017 Sino-French Music Festival begins in Caidian of Wuhan

When the enthusiasm of Wuhan people encounters French romance, and when the tranquility of Zhiyin Lake meets the profundity of Seine River, what kind of spark would you expect? On June 18th, the 10th Sino-French Music Festival opened near Houguanhu Lake in Caidian of Wuhan. Visitors could share in the melodies and sounds of excitement and happiness that ran through the place where the ancient music and modern rock echo, as well as "Zhiyin Culture" and "Summer Solstice Music" complement each other.

The first show attracted a great many people to come, with singing and dancing performances entertaining the audience. A number of bands participated the show, including TrioFabienKlein, LasAves and so forth. The free music carnival lasted until 9 p.m. that day.

It is reported that this year's music festival will have 3 shows in total. In addition to the first show held in Bailianhu Square near Houguanhu Lake, another two shows will open in Wushang Square and Yiyuan Plaza, where everyone can enjoy the free music shows.

The story of Zhiyin, which exemplifies the ideal of friendship, is an important part of Chu culture, and also a typical example of Wuhan local culture. The tomb of Zhong Ziqi, located in the Caidian District of Wuhan City, is the witness of the legend of Zhiyin.

For thousands of years, Caidian, where the story took place, has appealed to thousands of writers and poets. As early as more than 2,000 years ago, Boya (7th - 6th century B.C.), a legendary master of the qin zither, was so moved by the insightful comments on his playing made by a woodcutter, Zhong Ziqi, that the musician smashed his instrument upon Zhong’s death and never played again. The story of deep bond between two ancient music connoisseurs has quite a profound meaning of sincerity, gratitude, equality and harmony.

To date, the same place, where the ancient music meets the French rock music, has been attracting tourists from China and abroad, as well as investors from all over the world. The green development of the city will continue to uphold the grace of this legendary Zhiyin culture.

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