Here’s what MySpace Founder Tom is doing now

Ever wondered what the guy who co-founded MySpace is doing since he sold it for a whopping $580 million back in 2005? He does what anybody would do if they had so much money to burn. He travels. A lot. And as you can see from his stunning photographs, he certainly seems to be enjoying his retirement.

Having picked up a passion for photography back in 2011, MySpace Tom (real name Tom Anderson) now roams the planet in search of the perfect photograph. Whether he's hanging out in Hong Kong Harbour, exploring the ancient city of Bagan in Myanmar, gazing in awe at the northern lights in Iceland, or standing in the shadow of Hawaii's Oahu mountains, Tom's globe-trotting escapades make our feet itch to ditch the office, grab our cameras, and hit the road for a life of adventure.

Guilin, China

Bagan, Myanmar

Uyuni Salt Flat, Bolivia

Kyoto, Japan

Manila, Philippines





The Sahara desert

Sydney, Australia


Hong Kong, China



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