"Zhiyin Ten Scenes" of Caidian, Wuhan

1. Chenhu Lake Wetland-- Wetland of International Importance

Located in the southwest of Caidian District of Wuhan, Chenhu Lake Wetland covers an area of 174,000 mu. It is known as the only typical freshwater lake and marsh wetland among the lake groups of the same latitude on Earth as well as one of wetlands which boasts of many rare wintering waterfowl populations in China. Supporting a large number of biodiversity, the wetland is honored as the "genetic bank of wetland birds". In 2013, it was assigned as "Wetlands of International Importance" by Chinese State Forestry Administration and Ramsar Secretariat (RAMSAR).

2. Houguan Lake Wetland Park-national wetland park

Integerated the concepts of ecological resources protection and Zhiyin cutural continuity, a 110-kilometer greenway was built. Houguan Lake greenway has three themes, namely, Zhiyin (bosom freind), lotus pond and wetlands.Houguan Lake Wetland has hosted several great events, like the Tour of China Cycling Competition, China Open Water Swimming Championships, etc. Nearly thousands of people are attracted to exercise here each year.

3. Taohuayuan-- demonstration area of intangible cultural heritage in Hubei

Located in the area of the Jiuzhen Mountain, Taohuayuan (refers to as "the Land of Peach Blossoms") project is rich in water and mountian resources and has wonderful rural sceneries. Governed two natural villages, this project has a planning area of 100 hectares. It aims at a demonstration area of intangible cultural heritage in Hubei, a renowned cultural and leisure tourism area in central China and a demonstration area of cultural and leisure tourism of Wuhan city circle.

4. Songyang Temple-- Buddhist Shrine of Jianghan Plain

Songyang Temple is located in one of Wuhan’s famous tourism towns-Suohe Town. Built in Tang Zhenguan years ( AD 628 ), it has a long history of more than 1,380 years. Rebuilt in 2011, the temple is consist of meditation regimen garden, Buddhist cultural park, Zen-style leisure garden and comprehensive area.

5. Jiuzhen Mountian-- First Peak of Jianghan Plain

Jiuzhen Mountain, a national AAAA-level scenic area, is located in the Jiuzhen Mountain National Forest Park, covering an area of 3 square meters. In the scenic area, more than eight Zhiyin- themed cultural scenic spots have been built. With lush vegetation, ravines and gullies, gurgling springs, various animals and plants, the mountain has the fame of "First Peak of Jianghan Plain".

6. Wuhan Battlefield Defense Park-- National Demonstration Base of National Defense Education

Wuhan Battlefield Defense Park is located in the Laoshichen Village, Caidian District of Wuhan, governing hilly area of 300 mu, water area of 60 mu and flatlands of more than 300 mu. Facing 318 State Highway, bordering Beijing-Zhuhai and Shanghai-Chengdu expressways, the park has great importance in strategic position. In June of 2015, the park is named as "National Demonstration Base of National Defense Education".

7. Jinlong Shuizhai Ecological Park-National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site

Covering an area of 3,000 mu, Jinlong Shuizhai Ecological Park is located by the Jinlong Lake in Suohe Town of Caidian District, Wuhan. It is the hometown of lotus with national fame. In addition to the newly-built twelve scenic spots, the park also boasts of the largest ecological dining hall in China’s central region, having become a tourist resort integrating accommodation, meeting affairs, leisure, amusement, picking and lodge hotel.

8. Xiangcaohuatian-- A village with blooming flowers

"Xiangcaohuatian" (refers to as "scented grass and flower field") project aims to be built into the " Provence " with Chinese oriental garden feature and a combination taking "garden for all seasons" as the theme and health, ecology and LOHAS as the concepts. On the fields of more than 3,000 mu in Xiangcaohuatian Village, seven species of lavenders, tweleve species of world's rarest roses, over 300 species of fragrant plants, over 200 species of featured flowers and berry plants are planted.

9. Xiaosi Rapeseed Field-Top 10 flower-viewing destination in Wuhan

Xiaosi Village is located in the west of Caidian District in Wuhan, capital city of central China’s Hubei Province. With rape as the main autumn-sown crop, the village owns more than 50,000 mu’s rapeseed fields. In 2015, the Xiaosi Rapeseed Field was rated among the top 10 flower-viewing destinations in Wuhan by Tourism Administration of Wuhan Municipality and Changjiang Daily.

10. Suohe 10-li Lotus Corridor--National Civilized Town

Suohe 10-li Lotus Corridor project starts from Gongjia Bridge and ends at the Yuye Village in Suohe Town, stretching a total length of 6,500 meters. Along the Suozi River, the project selects the shallow-water beach 50 meters below the bank water and the area 100 meters above the bank water to plant lotus or other plants, forming a leisure spot combining sightseeing and picking.

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