Travel Photographer of the Year 2016: the winners - in pictures

From a snow-swirled New York street scene to serene waterscapes in China - These beautiful images were selected for some of the prizes in 2016's Travel Photographer of the Year awards. Overall winner Joel Santos received £4,000 ($4,970) for his "delicate and intimate" portfolio depicting traditional fishing in Ghana and an aerial shot of Ethiopia's Danakil Depression, one of the world's hottest places.

Photographers from 20 countries took awards. The winning images will go on show at exhibitions at the UK City of Culture celebrations in Hull from May 18 to June 30, 2017 and in London at the University of Greenwich from August 4 to September 2017.

Scroll down for a selection of some of the best images.

Photo by Joel Santos

▲Fisherman at Lake Bosumtwi, Ashanti, Ghana. Tradition dictates that fishing may only be done using wooden planks called paduas – the same method their ancestors used

Photo by Joel Santos

This aerial image offers a rare glimpse inside of Erta Ale volcano – which means ‘Smoking Mountain’ in the local Afar language – in Danakil, Ethiopia

Photo by Ankit Kumar

Mount Lengai towers next to Lake Natron, Tanzania, where flamingos flock to feed

Photo by Michele Palazzo

While walking through the Jonas snowstorm that swept across the east coast, I captured this shot of New York’s famous Flatiron building against a backdrop of swirling snow

Photo by Biran Zhao

Every morning and regardless of the season, these nuns walk around the mountain in Baiyu County, Ganzi, Sichuan Province, China

Photo by Alison Cahill

Fitri working on a client at Son & Dad Barbers in George Town, Penang, Malaysia, while his wife waits patiently.

Photo by Craig Easton

Looking east on a blissfully calm winter’s day towards walkers along the boundary wall of the West Kirby Marine Lake on the Wirral, UK

Photo by Craig Easton

Madame Cancy selling popcorn at the small Cancy Family Touring Circus in Monpazier, Dordogne, France.

Photo by Jeremy Woodhouse

This baker in Viñales, Cuba, was icing a cake as the setting sun shone through the door, casting his shadow onto the wall

Photo by Sue O’Connell

These saddhus may have travelled great distances to attend the mighty Kumbh Mela, a mass Hindu pilgrimage, in Haridwar, northern India

Photo by Marsel van Oosten

A farm worker rows out to inspect the nets of a large crab farm in the sea at Xiapu, Fujian, China

Photo by Sergey Pesterev

Sunset on Lake Baikal, Russia, with high ice ridges in the foreground

Photo by Timothy Allen

Caravans at sunset on a pilgrimage to El Rocío in Andalucía, Spain

Photo by Zhiwen Huang

A rising red moon watching over the bridge across the bay in Shenzhen city, China

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