Chrysanthemum bloom in the Imperial Palace

It’s high time we appreciate the chrysanthemum!

A joint exhibition on chrysanthemum art was held in the quadrangle west of the Gate of Thriving Imperial Clan (Longzong men). The exhibition consists of a rich display of live chrysanthemum flowers, which revives the Qing dynasty tradition of cultivating and viewing chrysanthemums in the Forbidden City.

Chinese folks are fond of enjoying chrysanthemum in autumn. The blossoms in the ninth lunar month have the beautiful name of "flower of longevity". With various forms and a diversity of sumptuous colors, the chrysanthemum has become one of China’s symbolic flowers.

The flower was also favored by poets through the ages, because it is one of the only flowers that bloom in late autumn.

Tao Yuanming (365-427 A.D.), in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (310-420 A.D.), was very fond of chrysanthemums and planted them everywhere around his house. He wrote in his poem that “It is not because I only favor this flower, but there are no more other flowers to be appreciated after the fading of this kind,” showing his admiration for the flower’s fearless and lofty characters.

The display at the Imperial Palace is scheduled to conclude on the 16th of October. So take out your camera and go for a walk through the Forbidden City to enjoy the hue of deep autumn!

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