To celebrate the rainbow of colors that autumn brings

In oriental culture, the desolate scene of autumn has ever aroused lamentation. Most men of letters since ancient times have described autumn as sad, bleak and disheartening. However, it is also the most beautiful season when the leaves are already changing color.

Capturing the color of autumn is a unique window of opportunity for any photographer – vibrant colors can transform an otherwise mundane scene into a blanket of red, yellow, and orange hues. What better time to get out and photograph them!

Let’s see what these photographers captured in this colorful images of fall leaves:

By Louise Leclerc

By Ram Yoga

By Darlene Hildebrandt

By Chechi Peinado

By Stanley Zimny

By jacki-dee

By *Psyche Delia*

By Nicole Nicky

By Greg Johnston

By peaceful-jp-scenery

By Anne Worner

By Susana Fernandez

By Gisella Klein

By Stanley Zimny

By Paulo Valdivieso

By crifo

By Mike Monaghan

By J J

By Ms.Kimberly_B

By Susanne Nilsson

By Mirai Takahashi

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