Winners announced for the 6th Mobile Photo Contest

Global Photography is proud to announce the winners of the 6th Mobile Photo Contest. They were selected from over 8700 entries submitted by 2285 photographers from countries around the world.

The overall winner, Special Collection Award, goes to Zhang Kaiyu from China, who has three other awarded works in this contest. The Collection Award of Merit and Collection Award of Excellence were awarded to 35 photographers. The entries are impressive for the candid moments of street snaps.

We’d like to congratulate all of our winners who show the ability of mobile phones to take great photographs. Scroll down to enjoy all the winning works:


In my eyes. Photo by Zhang Kaiyu

Face to face. Photo by Wu Hui

Think tank. Photo by Zhang Wei


Hard teeth. Photo by Yang Jun

Heavy clouds. Photo by Huang Huangang

Dad is sleeping. Photo by Chen Jie

Circles. Photo by Feng Xiaowen

Sleep tight. Photo by Long Shuangshuang

Caught in net. Photo by Yu Huaqiang

Ocean adventure. Photo by Qiu Jialin

Takeout. Photo by Wang Tong

In the rain. Photo by Peng Yong

The jump. Photo by Peng Yong

By your side. Photo by Zhang Xu

Behind the curtain. Photo by Zhang Xu

Selfie in the barber shop. Photo by Li Yanjun

Sweet. Photo by Zhang Kaiyu

Phubbers. Photo by Zhang Kaiyu

Punching. Photo by Zhang Kaiyu

Dream. Photo by Deng Guoyong

Make a face. Photo by Liu Jie

A couple. Photo by Xu Yingzhe

Keep you company. Photo by Yang Lixuan

Solitude. Photo by Tan Junyu

Angkor Wat. Photo by Chen Changfan

Pushing the wheelchair. Photo by Wang Haifeng

Untitled. Photo by Yi Juan

Cars and beauties. Photo by Li Jinzhi

Father and son. Photo by Ma Wenbin

Man trapped in the shopping hell. Photo by Chen Jie


Hold this pose! Photo by Xia Yibiao

In the restaurant. Photo by Gao Lianqin

Dream in Paris. Photo by Pan Xuedi

Yet a new day starts. Photo by Pranab Basak

The way home. Photo by Lu Zhiyong

Encounter. Photo by Wang Zhenyu

Bustling reflection. Photo by Wang Jie

Guzheng. Photo by Yang Wanqi

My darling. Photo by Ren Lihua

Mimic. Photo by Li Jian

A kiss. Photo by Shen Yue

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