Creatives share artistic interpretations of Instagram’s new logo


image by @tanaka_tatsuya

With the new icon from Instagram released days ago, Instagram now has a cleaner look with monochromatic theme and looks extremely simplified. The vibrant new look seeks to reflect the diverse nature of its ever-expanding content, and marks the first identity overhaul since Instagram’s inception in 2010.

Recently, Instagram has launched a #myinstagramlogo event that allows artists to showcase their artistic talent by revamping the new Instagram logo. In response, creatives from across the globe are sharing their own artistic interpretations of the new symbol. Designers, illustrators, painters, paper artists and bakers have been adding their creative sensibility to the growing number of submissions. Diverse mediums such as flowers, fabric, beads and dough have been adopted in their design and realization, forming abstract yet illustrative compositions that echo the simplified brand update.

Check out their awesome creation below!


image by @5ftinf


image by @tashalakoz


image by @joselourenco


image by @esposin in collaboration with @cukingcocinadereyes


image by @el.garrobo


image by @deliciousmartha


image by @mimivelarde


image by @runnerkimhall


image by @greenbird_ru

image by @spinstamatic

image by @jarrett.hendrix

(All photographs are obtained from the Internet.)

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