Audubon Photography Awards 2016 showcase diverse birds of North America

Five photographers have triumphed over 1,700 competitors to be declared winners of the 2016 Audubon Photography Awards, the National Audubon Society’s seventh such contest. Winners were chosen from almost 7,000 photos, submitted from 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and six Canadian provinces.

Half of the species in the winning and honoured photos are birds identified as threatened or endangered by climate change in Audubonís Birds and Climate Change Report. The report shows that 314 bird species in North America face an uncertain future due to shifting climatic suitability.

Photo by Bonnie Block

A huge Bald Eagle opens its wings up over water as other birds fly out of its way as the mighty predator shows just how great it is.

Photo by Carolina Anne Fraser

These Great Frigate birds appear to be at war in these photos which seem to have had the colour wiped out of them.

Photo by Steve Torna

Dozens if not hundreds of Great Frigatebirds group together for warmth with their black and red coats shining brightly.

Photo by Barbara Driscoll

This is a Green Viol bird and you can certainly see where it gets it name from with its plumage featuring beautiful greens and bright blues.

Photo by Dick Dickinson

At first it seems it's just a wing and feathers but if you look closely enough you can see this majestic Osprey's head and beak.

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