Entry deadline: 31st May 2018 Who can enter: Open to all photographers, worldwide, 18+
This is the 25th ANNIVERSARY of Artsfest! Annmarie Garden was named for Ann Marie Koenig, the wife of Francis Koenig, who donated the property to the citizens of Calvert County.
​On August 14th, photographers and photographic organizations from the Silk Road countries gathered together in Qingdao West Coast New District, China to witness the signing ceremony of the proposal for Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance (SRPOIA) and the establishment of the alliance.
On August 10th, Mount Tai was approved as the first "world photography site" by FIAP. Witnessed by more than 300 photographers, the unveiling ceremony took place at the top of Mount Tai. This is a great highlight of the 5th FIAP Photo Meeting.
On August 9th, the 5th FIAP photo exhibition took place in Shandong Art Museum, with 5 different themed exhibitions showcasing landscape and portrait works.
On August 8th, the 5th FIAP Photo Meeting opened in the 'City of Spring' Jinan. Approved by China's Ministry of Culture and People's Government of Shandong Province, the event is coorganized by International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) , Tourism Development Committee of Shandong, Shandong Provincial Department of Culture, and Shandong International Cultural Exchange Center. More than 320 representatives from 42 countries and regions attended the opening ceremony.
The First Tourism Development Conference Of Yichun kicked off at the dust of June 6, 2017. As part of the tourism attractions, the Jialong Hi-ten Circus starts to put on shows on the same day.
Apart from Zongzi, what else do Chinese people eat during the Dragon Boat Festival?
May. 30, 2017 to May. 30, 2017
Mid-Autumn Festival is here again! It never fails to amaze us what new creative flavors will come out. We've come a long way since lotus seed paste or red beans were the only acceptable fillings, but now Fresh twists like chocolate, truffles and Grand Mar
Sep. 15, 2016 to Sep. 15, 2016
Shoton Festival Tibet, China
​Being the largest and most mysterious festival in Tibet, Shoton Festival serves as a showcase to rooted tradition, appealing culture and great piety of the Tibetan people.
Sep. 01, 2016 to Sep. 03, 2016
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