Verzasca FOTO Festival Awards 2018

Copyright: The winning photographs remains at exclusive property of the author who authorises the promoter to use it for non-commercial purpose, to reproduce and publish them by any means, free of charge and without time limit; in particular, but not as a limiting factor, on websites, social networks, printed materials related to the promotion of the Festival Verzasca FOTO.

Entry fee: 20.00 Swiss Francs

Entry deadline: 31st May 2018

Who can enter: Open to all photographers, worldwide, 18+


1st place


+ solo exhibition at Verzasca FOTO 2018

Finalists (2nd – 10th places)

Projection of their work at the photo night during the Festival Verzasca FOTO 2018.

+ board and lodge for 4 days during the Festival.

Enter minimum 3 and maximum 10 photographs. Online submission of digital photographs via the website.

Image requirements: JPEG format, colour or monochrome, dimension of the longer side must be 2000 pixel.

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