The 5th FIAP Photo Exhibition opened

On August 9th, the 5th FIAP photo exhibition took place in Shandong Art Museum, with 5 different themed exhibitions showcasing landscape and portrait works.


the Ribbon-cutting Ceremony by Hou Bo


Photographers at the Shandong Art Museum. Photo by Hou Bo

The highlight was the 115 pieces original work of the famed photographer Yousuf Karsh. More than 300 photographers from 42 countries and regions attended the exhibition and were excited by the chance to appreciate such fine and vivid masterpieces face to face. The other four exhibitions are Image Art Exhibition of Silk Road Flavors and World Heritage, Image Art Exhibition of China's Intangible Cultural Heritage, Collective Exhibition of 10 Outstanding Photographers from MFIAP, Photography Art Exhibition of World Nature and Cultural Heritage.


Over 300 Guests from 42 Countries Attended the Ceremony. Photo by Hou Bo

Yousuf Karsh was an Armenian-Canadian photographer best known for his portraits of notable individuals. He was regarded as one of the greatest portrait photographers of the 20th century. His iconic 1941 photo of Winston Churchill brought him prominence. Churchill is particularly noted for his posture and facial expression that reflect persistence in the face of his enemy.

FIAP Secratary General Ioannis Lykouris being Interviewed by Global Photography. Photo by Hou Bo

FIAP President Riccardo Busi on the Exhibition. Photo by Hou Bo

Riccardo Busi and Other Photographers Taking Photos in front of Yousuf Karsh Exhibition. Photo by Hou Bo

This time, Shandong Art Museum is showcasing the original portrait work by Yousuf Karsh and some other wonderful photos by other photographers. Stop by for a closer look as the exhibition continues through August 14th.

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