Jialong Hi-ten Show International Circus Carnival

The First Tourism Development Conference Of Yichun kicked off at the dust of June 6, 2017. As part of the tourism attractions, the Jialong Hi-ten Circus starts to put on shows on the same day.

The Hi-ten Circus was founded in 1857 and nominated by Napoleon the French National Circus. Later it was bought by the French Lyon brothers and named the Burg Lyon Circus. The 160-year old circus maintains its status as one of the largest circuses of France. In 2015, it became under the management of Beijing Jialong Group. Zhai Zhiqiang, a graduate of the Italian Accdemia Di Belle Arti Di Bologna in 1990 and a winner of the Circus Field Outstanding Contribution Awards 2000 granted by the Italian government, took the lead of the Hi-ten Circus.

Hi-ten Circus started to put on shows in China in 2015 and has gained quite a lot positive feedbacks. After the Sanya and Lijiang shows, Yichun show becomes a high point in the development of local Tourism.

Of the 13,000-square-meter performance venue, 2300 square meters are the busking area, leaving enough space for 1600 audience to enjoy the show. The big tent, wholly designed and built by Italians, is constructed as a European castle framed with steels and stuffed with PVC materials. Sitting in the tent with a diameter of 50 meters, each audience can clearly see the shows owing to the stadium seating and have an audiovisual feast with the stage designed following Colosseum and supplementary Lighting and sound.

It’s the first time for circus to show in Yichun, generating new cultural elements for local tourism. The shows include animal performances, dance, juggling, waggery, magic, high altitude performance and other exciting contents. Each performance has been carefully selected to create a top luxurious audiovisual feast.

Decorated float parade was organized before the opening of the carnival. The local citizens, especially children are excited by the novel floats and cute cartoon dolls.

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