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A Small Constellation of Photographic Evidence
A Small Constellation of Photographic Evidence The exhibition asks questions about photographic representation, about duration, technology, history and those aspects of our world that are conditioned by our physical dependency and relationship to our planet, but allows our thoughts to travel forwards Jul. 25, 2015 to Aug. 22, 2015
In the Room
In the Room This exhibition presents the final projects and recent works by the London College of Communication MA Photography 2014 graduates. It dialectically unfolds three pairs of phrases: visibility/invisibility, surface/content, and looking/overlooking. Aug. 08, 2015 to Sep. 05, 2015
Capturing the Homesickness
Capturing the Homesickness These exhibited photos are sure to reflect the scenes of Chinese traditional villages, as well as the harmony between people, nature and history. Jun. 13, 2015 to Jul. 12, 2015
Country Road
Country Road With the rise of ethnic minority photographers in recent years, many of them have turned the cameras on the folk customs of their own minority. Jun. 21, 2015 to Jul. 20, 2015
​Photography from the 20th Century
​Photography from the 20th Century The power of photography as a world language will enrich the lives of the Chinese middle class, who increasingly regard foreign travel and museum visits as more viable options than conspicuous consumption. May. 23, 2015 to Jul. 22, 2015
Some Emotions be Co​mmon to Us
Some Emotions be Co​mmon to Us This exhibition is a showcase of the young generations from China, Japan and South Korea with an average age of 30, who were born in the years of 1970s to 1990s. May. 30, 2015 to Jun. 24, 2015
The Persistence of Images
The Persistence of Images Themed on history, time, city memories and daily lives, this exhibition presents a way of understanding photography and experimenting in media from different perspectives. Apr. 24, 2015 to Jun. 29, 2015
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