“Images from Red Nations” photography works by Liu Yuan - Global Photography

“Images from Red Nations” photography works by Liu Yuan

Duration: Apr. 11 - May 11

Venue: Beijing 798 Inter Art Center

Artist: Liu Yuan


The exhibition will be showcasing more than 200 photography works by Liu Yuan, which covered the imagery of 15 socialist country-lands the photographer ever stepped on.

Since 1997, Liu has traveled to more than 100 countries and produced more than 100 photography books. During his voyage, he has focused on past and present socialist countries, to create his unique series “Images from Red Nations.” Over six years, his photographic project has covered 21 of these countries, which is a sheer archievment and a challenging task done by a Chinese photographer.

As Chinese photography commentator Bao Kun reviewed the project in his text After Socialism, “Liu Yuan experienced the red years, and half of his life was spent responding to ideology. Based on his own life experience, he understands the other countries in the socialist family, which we now see in his photographs. His visits to these places are the realization of long-cherished dreams, because these countries were once only imagined. However, in this globalized world, they are not so distant. It is regretful that these visits happened too late, because socialism has already ended in these places. In Liu Yuan’s photographs, we can see societies revisiting the true color of history. Those imagined socialist countries that gave us our communism ideals have already disappeared into the ether. Liu Yuan’s photographs pay tribute to his experience and to history.”

Selected Works:



North Korea











(All photographs by Liu Yuan.)

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